Season Resume

The season is over and it’s time for a resume!
For us three students it was the first season working in an international racing series. At the beginning, we didn’t know what we can expect. During the season we learned what it needs to compete in such a competition and were able to improve our knowledge in our specific field. For example how to do a good pit stop, how to communicate with the drivers or how to change the setup for specific situations. We made the impression to Reiter that we are really interested in what we are doing and also know what we are doing.

Also our drivers were driving their first GT4 season, so the whole team was new to this series. But even when they had not driven the KTM X-BOW GT4 in a race before neither they had driven on all the tracks during the season (Aside from Samuel who knew the Slovakiaring) they were competitive and able to improve from race to race. To prepare for the races they trained the tracks on the computer and studied the track with on-board videos. Ex F1-Driver Tomas Enge, who was the drivers coach in the RYS Cup, said, this year they were new to this series but with some RYS podiums they showed how fast they are and he thinks that if they compete in the RYS Cup again next year, they will be able to win the GT3 cockpit.
All in all it was a really interesting season, with a lot of ups and downs! We really want to thank Reiter Engineering for the great opportunity to work with them and their head engineers for their feedback and help. And also a big THANK YOU to the mechanics who had to repair our car a few times during the nights. Without you we weren’t able to start in some races.