Race weekend 1 – Misano

Our first race weekend with RYS Team Holinger in Misano

The race in Misano with the GT4 European Series Northern Cup was the first race with this team constellation and for Reiter Engineering. At this weekend the different universities/students were assigned to a sponsor and two drivers. Our sponsor of the car is Holinger Europe, a race car gear box manufacturer and our drivers are Emil Westman (Finland) and Samuel Sládečka (Slovakia).

The weekend started with two free practice sessions where we had a problem with the radio, so we weren’t able to talk to our drivers. This wasn’t the best beginning but we did our best to collect important data from these sessions.

On Saturday the qualifyings and the first race were set. In the first qualifying part, Emil was driving, that means he had to start the race in the evening. Unfortunately, we had a problem with the tyres in his stint, so he wasn’t able to drive a fast lap and we finished on position 32. During Samuel’s stint the car worked well, but there were a lot of red flags, so he had only a few minutes to drive a fast lap. After the cancellation of his fastest lap, because of crossing over the track limits, we were on P26. 20170401_JK5_3763 In the evening the first race was set at 10 p.m. but it started 45 minutes too late due to a horrible crash in the Blancpain GT Series race. So at 10:45 p.m. our drivers started their first night race and we our first ever race as race engineers/manager. During the race we got two drive through penalties (incident with another car and speeding in the pit lane) and a stop-and-go penalty for a too short pit stop time. With all these we were only able to finish at P22.

The race on Sunday afternoon started much better. Our car worked well and our drivers were fast. After we improved to P16, another car pushed us off the track into the gravel so we fell back to P29. Our drivers were able to drive up to position 20 where we finished as the third best RYS team.

This first race weekend was a whole new experience for us, where we were able to learn a lot of new things. How we should treat our tyres is one example for that. Therefore, we also joined an information event of Pirelli. Moreover, we had calculated strategies for the fuel consumption and the pit stop time. By analysing the log data of our car, we could learn how it acts in different situations.

Now, we are really looking forward to our home race at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria (10-11 June).