Race weekend 4 – Zandvoort

Our fourth race weekend with RYS Team Holinger in Zandvoort

The fourth of five race weekends is over and it went much better than the last one. This time we were racing at the Circuit Park Zandvoort in the Netherlands during the DTM race weekend.

On Friday our drivers used the time during the two free practice sessions to get to know the track better. Both drivers had never driven there before. The weather often changed between sunshine and rain, but we had luck and it wasn’t raining in our sessions.

The Qualifying took place on Saturday midday and like said, the weather changes there fast and it started raining a few minutes before the session started. We changed to wet tyres before we went out to our first stint. Emil was driving and he likes to drive in the rain so we finished on P13. During Samuel’s stint the track dried up and we wanted to change to slicks. Because of some problems with the equipment we went out again a little bit too late and Samuel missed a fast lap on slicks by two seconds. At the end of Q2 we were on P30.

Race 1 started on Saturday evening with Emil behind the steering wheel. During his stint the safety car was out for a few laps, but nevertheless he was able to overtake some cars and came in to the mandatory pitstop on P11. Also Samuel was able to overtake some of the competitors. During the second stint there were a lot of incidents and because of a crash a few minutes before the end the officials stopped the race by red flag. We finished the race on P5 overall and P4 in our drivers category. Furthermore we got 10 points for the championship!

On Sunday Samuel started into race 2 from P28. During lap 5 the Ginetta with the number 26 started to burn and the race was interrupted by a red flag. Until this time Samuel was able to gain some places and was on P22 at the disruption. During the stop we were allowed to switch drivers because the pitstop window was at the same time. So when the race was resumed, Emil was driving. As at race 1 there was also a safety car phase at the end of the race but it ended two laps before the checkered flag. Also Emil was driving a really good stint and so we finished on P16.

We want to thank all our mechanics and engineers from Reiter Engineering for their work and help during the weekend!
Now there is only one race weekend left and this will take place at the Nürburgring in Germany from 15.-17. September.